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Inkscape Redesign Concept by André Grilo

Inkscape Redesign Concept by André Grilo

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January 21, 2016

André Grilo has been using Inkscape for a long time and considers it a nice tool for vector jobs for web. But as most of open-source programs, its interface is often limited in usability, information architecture and aesthetic aspects. Then he thought how he can provide a better experience to designers and artists that also use it.

I began redesigning the iconography and after that, I shared the ideas with Inkscape community. Based on feedback provided by the users, I designed an interface upgrade, providing new look and feel and some component improvements. The most of information architecture was preserved in this study, so I would say it's a facelift of interface. The goal was to create a clean and professional interface to enhance the program. Nowadays, designers and graphic artists have many options for vector graphic editors, mainly those of commercial brands. The UI of these programs have directed trends, and when I talked with Inkscape community about how color scheme they would like, most of them pointed the black/dark interfaces, widely used in similar commercial products (like Illustrator or Affinity). On other hand, most of Linux/open-source users also preferred dark OS themes, then I decided to create and interface with high contrast between the elements (however in this concept is possible to change color theme, it's more democratic).
-André Grilo

 André Grilo

I think the difference of this concept is it was created considering several opinions from the users to bring solutions for interface. Hearing the users allowed me to obtain satisfactory results when the final interface was presented. Also, the interface was created by a passionate user of the program, interested to contribute for its successful. I seek to balance the softness and dynamic of UI. Interfaces need to deliver messages correctly, as a bridge between user and technology, and the colour and shapes decisions can determine what kind of experience it can provide. I have many inspirations in interaction design. Paul Neave (UK) is my reference for digital creativity a long time. Recently, I have followed the work of Aurélien Salomon (Egypt), Bogdan Nikitin (Ukraine), Grégoire Vella (UK) and Victor Erixon (USA). Never give up your ideas. Instead, share them to the world. Be determined and capture references as you breathe the oxygen. Remember that creativity combines with humility. Creative is who knows that always has something to learn.
-André Grilo

About André Grilo

André Grilo is an interaction designer from Brazil, working with desktop and mobile digital products. Around 2005, he was reading many web design magazines/publications and it raised his interest in that area, then he decided to work as UI designer and since then he never stopped. :) See more of his works on Behance.

6 comments on “Inkscape Redesign Concept by André Grilo”

  1. great work.

    I do some breeze icons for the kde desktop and there I'd like to finish the breeze-iconset for inkscape. would it be possible to get your svg files for the icons cause the style fit's quite good to breeze.

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