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Maci Automotive - Crossover concept

Maci Automotive - Crossover concept

Murray Sharp
April 1, 2019

Maci Automotive is a start up automotive company in South Africa. They approached me to help conceptualize a new car they want to develop, below is the brief.

- Design a premium coupe/cross-over car
- Design language should be sporty & aggressive
- Seating capacity - two adults
- Design must portray prestige and status

I have designed a car according to the brief, and worked hard to try incorporate all the prerequisites from the client. The closest existing concept I have refered to is the Aston Martin DBX concept, a premium, sporty crossover car. I've tried to keep the design modern and clean with a mix of aggressive features and utilitarian functionality.

For this project I used pen and paper, Sketchbook Pro & Photoshop

The process begins with pen and paper sketches. I generally start with a side view to get a good idea of the proportions and profile of the car. Once I am happy I will explore a range of details that tie in to the design from all angles. Once I have developed a solid direction on paper I scan in a few sketches and refine them digitally in Sketchbook pro and then Photoshop.

The project has only recently been made public so I haven't had much feedback from the online community yet. The client was really happy with the concept and they are going ahead with the development of the vehicle.

I am constantly learning and growing as I work. Through this project I have learnt new techniques to sketch quicker and better digitally.

Murray Sharp

My name is Murray Sharp and I live in Durban, South Africa. I currently work in the retail design space but my true passion and interest is Automotive design. I have a Btech degree in Industrial Design. My other interests are cars, music & extreme sports.

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  1. Praise be to God. This is amazing!! The first in South Africa!! You 've done a fantastic Job. Nyan Nyani.

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