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Masks of Super Heroes by Yuri Krasnoshchok

Masks of Super Heroes by Yuri Krasnoshchok

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March 19, 2016
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One night, artists Yuri Krasnoshchok can't sleep so he explored some site designs and saw a couple of heroes. Since Flash was a big inspiration, he decided to draw his own version of it and put it on Dribble.

By the evening I saw that my work gained 144 Like and it was the most that I've ever received, I was very surprised that my Flash was immediately liked by people, so then I began to draw other characters. So then I put it on a photo bank, they began to sell, especially my work "The Flash", it was the best, but soon it was blocked for copyright infringement since it was very similar to the real characters and it is Forbidden. During that time I already had more than 200 comic book characters and not just. Anyway, I started to upload the work on Behance, and people really liked them so I'm very pleased about that. Now I draw more new logos in different styles.
-Yuri Krasnoshchok

Yuri Krasnoshchok

The style of my masks are known as flat but with superheroes, I draw them with sharp edges so that I can say that I am the first who exactly draws. I'm very much inspired by other projects designers and illustrators whose work I look at the design sites.The best advice I can give to everyone who likes to draw, is draw from the soul, see works on Behance and Dribbble many times a day, try to redraw something for themselves, study their work, communicate with authors and good luck to the work of friends.
-Yuri Krasnoshchok

About Yuri Krasnoshchok

Yuri Krasnoshchok, has been designing since 2000. He started with the printing industry, the last 4-5 years he has been drawing logos and specializes in branding, recently he became interested in illustration. For a long time, he have lived in Odessa, Ukraine, last year to travel. Inspired by the world, he hopped from Cyprus then Turkey and now in Israel, he will soon go to the United States. See more of his works on Behance or his website.

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