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Pool House by Dusan Vukcevic

Pool House by Dusan Vukcevic

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August 13, 2015
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Dusan Vukcevic's latest personal projects usually consist of interior renderings, so he decided to go for an exterior for a change. He created different lighting scenarios instead of just multiple cam positions to make it more interesting and to see how the shaders react to different light. Dusan is always trying to do different personal projects, so he can get diversity in his portfolio and learn something new along the way.

I usually have a basic idea on what I want to create and just start working in 3D - no sketches on a paper or in photoshop. I try not to look at reference photos in design stage. I make things up as I go, you know, see where it takes me. Sometimes the final result is completely different from the initial idea. I do look for reference photos online when I’m working on lighting and shading.
-Dusan Vukcevic



The inspiration behind this project was a hot summer day, so naturally, the first thing that popped into my head was a pool and then house and thing - pool house. For me, it is not just about photorealism, but, it is also about the appeal of the rendering, it has to be pleasing to the eye. So, I try to create images that trigger an emotion or a memory.
-Dusan Vukcevic


Dusan Vukcevic

The advice I can give to aspiring artists is to work hard, constantly challenge yourself and learn new things. These are the things that will help you reach your way up and reach your dreams.
-Dusan Vukcevic

About Dusan Vukcevic

Dusan Vukcevic is a published and award-winning freelance 3d artist with over ten years of experience in CG industry. He specialises in 3D motion graphics, architectural visualisations and photorealistic rendering. See more of his work at Behance or his website.

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