Anima Stool

Seeking to take shapes far away than the limits of its materiality, we challenged ourselves to create simple objects with daring forms; looking for a constructive method that allows us to make them true.
In this way, Anima came to light. Objects combining the strength of a metallic soul and the beauty and warmth of the wood exterior.

Having detected a need for stools thought for small apartments, where the kitchen countertop are used to eat, we proposed ourselves to devolop a stool with the right size to satisfy that need. Besides, considering the lack of space in small apartmentes, we also decided to make the product polifunctional, looking forward to add secondary functions to the stool.
Keeping this fact in mind, we developed a shape that can be used as a side table in the sofa or in the bed.

To develop our products, we usually make a lot of sketches. Then, when the shape of the product is getting defined, we proceed to make scale wood models, that help us to visualize it in a three dimensional way. Once we have the main shape defined and studied, we model it in Rhinoceros; where we start to define the details of the product. Finally, we make a prototype to check that every size, encounter, detail, etc., results as we expected.

Reaction to Anima Stools has been really good; being one of our best selling products.
This project was selected as finalist at one of the biggest design contests in Latin America; the Salao Design 2016 (Brazil). Besides, it has also been selected to be exhibited at SUM17 (Uruguay).

Elemento Design Studio

Design Studio based in Montevideo, Uruguay.