The project is dedicated to the spirit and esthetic of the late 20th – epoch called art-deco. I was trying to find out what character of woman hidden under tinsel and glow and jazz sounds and merriment all day and night long. The golden twenties made women behave like a man – they cut their hair and cut their skirt, they started work, play sports, dink and smoke.Their costume became easier and much less decorated than dresses and hats of previous bell époque. However the silhouette of dresses remain very feminine, open shoulders discover delicacy and tenderness of thin a-la garson body. Women tried hard to be strong yet their appearance told about their real effeminacy and delicacy.

I’m fond of art-deco fashion style since my childhood. I visited my exhibitions and read a lot of costume history books dealing whit art-deco fashion period. I touched this topic several times in my previous art-works but this project is the summary of my vision of art-deco fashion esthetic. I did’t try to copy the style of 20th in dress and accessories but I made a modern fashion story – my point of view on art-deco.

When I create my photo stories first of all I think over the concept, then I find a model – a face that can explain the essence of my idea. Then I find a stylist and make-up artist who are as fond of this idea as me. Or I work with some artisis from my team. Then we together find the location and make a photosesion.

My followers on social links appreciate the projects. I made 5 photo sessions with my clients in the same style. The reason my be because of the actuality of this subject in Russia. The Great Gatsby movie with Leonardo Di Kaprio is incredibly novadays and I great costume history exibitions of fashiion historian Alexander Vasiliev has already and succsefully finished in January 2017.

Elena Vakulenchik

I’m a portrait and advertizing photographer. I create costume photostories which may be stilization on some historcical epoque or a particular movie or novel or other artwork. I also work sa s stylist when I create a whole image for my model: dress, accessories, decoration, location that reveal his or her character and worldview. I’m addicted to costume history and I have a collection of retro and national costumes which I brought from my travellings. Travelling for my is the best way to get inspiration and ideas for my work. I believe that every person is beautifull and photography can discover the very moment of his or her beauty.