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January 13, 2017
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This work was made for a furniture store in Los Angeles, USA. It was not the first work, but it is one the best ones.
The main idea of this interior was to show how furniture from the store can suits customers at home or in other options.
Hope you enjoy it!

Idea was created by foreign designers and then it was made by our studio. It is the work for furniture store in LA, USA.
We were inspired by few references and were interested to show as much as possible, I mean furniture and style.

We use different tools but mostly 3dsMax, Photoshop, Corona renderer. Sometimes it can be Vray. Our studio took the whole atmosphere as nice as we want, make some models including table, chair, some decor elements, and gathered it all to this stylish interior. You can see more at our website, by the way ?

This work is a good practice for modeling work and it's a quite nice opportunity to show one of options for your interior. We hope it will give a lot of inspiration for you guys. Enjoy and don't be afraid of asking questions if you have.

Freedes Studio

Freedes is the 3d visualization studio. Services:
- 3d visualization;
- Animation;
- 360 panoramas;
- 3d modeling.

We work for:
– Architectural firms;
– Designers;
– Builders and Developers;
– Realty and marketing agencies.

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