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Cognizance 2018 - Brand and Identity

Cognizance 2018 - Brand and Identity

Abhinav Rohilla
June 25, 2018
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Cognizance is the annual technical festival of Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. With a new theme 'Dreaming Discoveries' for 2018 version, our main task was to create Visual Design Guidelines that improves the online brand recognition, user conversion rate to web/app through social media campaigns and works well with diverse illustration, photos, animations and looks good in nature.

Understanding the theme 'Dreaming Discoveries' was the very first step in the whole process.
Exploring different attributes related to the theme and creating a mood board that helped in narrowing down the options that suited the ideology of the technical festival.
After all testing and discussion, we made an important decision to evolve the direction that had the best potential to reflected the theme of Cognizance 2018 and at the same time make the design more aesthetic and futuristic to our existing and potential users

Most works were done on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects was used for creating animations.
Design Process followed through the Bonding process :
1. Understanding the organization and the deliverables
2. Exploring Attributes and creating a mood board
3. Understanding the user and creating detailed user personas
4. Testing different directions and taking reviews from the other shareholder and users
5. Choosing a final direction to work upon and making suitable iterations
6. Creating different components and guidelines, that will be followed in various artworks
7. Implement and presenting the final works to the users
8. Analyzing the results and reviews
9. Make suitable iteration and further step no 6,7,8,9

I had some mixed reviews from people but our whole team was happy that our most users were able to connect with the technical festival and its new theme.
It was further proved by the increased number of footfall, social media reach, traffic directed to the website through Facebook and user bounce rate on the web as well as the app.
I learnt a lot throughout the whole experience, but these were the most important :
1. Understanding the purpose and the user is very crucial.
2. Iterations are the building blocks for a perfect project.
3. Respecting other designers and their input helps a lot in generating new and raw ideas in less time.
4. Leadership role takes a lot more than just ordering the task.

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Abhinav Rohilla

Product Designer

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