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SIDIAU- Automated Mobility and Orientation System for Blind or Partially Sighted People

SIDIAU- Automated Mobility and Orientation System for Blind or Partially Sighted People

Constanza Reca
March 19, 2018
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The project is an integrated system designed to aid the visually impaired in the orientation within urban spaces and public transport. It consists of three devices with the same aesthetics- one for the user, and two to be installed within the cities: in the bus stops and at the main cross roads.

The idea was developed after a strong research in the area of orientation within cities for the blind and existing solutions, which aren't fully developed. Today the autonomous mobility for visually impaired people is very hard without help of anyone and we believe that there should be a system which allows them to move as easy as we do.

I used Solidworks to model it and after Keyshot to make renders of it.The design process of it though was actually more of reasearch and investigation about the interaction between the blind and their environment, their strongest senses and thinking of possible solutions.

People thought this project was a wonderful idea and made them realize that things that are so simple for us to fulfill are so hard for those who are visually impared. I've actually learned alot about technologies and interactions between products and the people with none or partial sight. I would love to continue working on this topic to finally find a solution for them to have the same liberty that we do to walk in their own cities.

Constanza Reca

I'm an argentinean industrial design student eager to use what i've learned in school and in life to integrate design to every day needs.

I love travelling and getting to experience different cultures and am interested in arts, photography, music, technology, sustainability and innovation.

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