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Final House

Final House

Willem Gregg
August 8, 2019
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This is the final improved rendition of a project I have been working on since graduating college. It started in the Spring of 2018 and has continued all the way until mid summer of 2019. In that time the home has gone through several revisions but in the end it came nicely.

Originally it was a college class assignment of where we to design our own house based off of existing blueprints. I decided to take it one step further and add my own additions to the overall design. For example, the original house was a two story home with a traditional roof. The newer version has a modern flat roof design with increased floor space on the second level.

The software I used are Autodesk Maya 2018 and Adobe Photoshop. I found the blueprints for the home online and then modeled the home as accurately as I possibly could. Then I UV mapped it inside of Maya and applied the textures to it in Photoshop. The lighting and the rest of the materials were done in Maya. Afterwards, I started adding my own designs to the home. I made it bigger and more open concept.

The general response was good. There was a lot of constructive criticism about the windows being too large and the lighting and textures not behaving correctly. I learned that I need to learn more about architecture and texturing. I also learned that I need to double check Maya Preferences and use the highest level of textures suck 4K and 8K.

Willem Gregg

I am skilled in the fine arts and possess various editing skills. I know how to write a script and tell a story from the concept to the finished idea. I do well in teams as well as by myself and I am organized and dependable.

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