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Hazardous Waste Collector Vehicle I+D

Hazardous Waste Collector Vehicle I+D

Jorge Sanabria
June 22, 2017
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Concept design, Detailed specification and Manufacture development of articulated special vehicle operated by a hydraulic system of bodywork lifting and electromechanical assistance in gates. 3.5 Ton chassis assembly. Design focused on ergonomics, improving operating conditions of collection workers, eliminating  most of the manual force necessary to load containers and waste bags.

Design process of a special vehicle developed for the main campus of the National University of Colombia in response to a problem of increased production of the biological waste of the institution due to veterinary necropsy practices boost by recovery of very sick horses in Bogotá D.C. (used in recyclable waste horses wagons) in the framework on politic mayoral decisions. 

Idea came from notice that instead of using a ramp to make the containes/bags move from the floor to inside the vehicle, is more convenient to make the whole bodywork move and match the floor height as well as the veterinary necropsy lab load ramp.
I've choose bodywork shape because psycology principle of risk detection explain that sharp edges and angular shapes evokes threats and danger. In the same way i've choose materials (galvanized steel, aluminum, resin, fiber glass, among others) specially by it's funcional properties as being stainless or its corrosion resistance.

White color was choosen because of Universidad Nacional de Colombia's branding colors and because it gives high contrast to biological risk icon and doors delimiters and because white color helps to gives a lighter look to this big volume body.

I've started using Rhinoceros 3d but because this design project turned very complex with a lot of components and very tight tolerances, i had to move to Solidworks wich is an engineering design software and it helped me a lot. With the model made from scratch on SW we were able to run load simulation into structure, to design properly doors opening's tolerances and validate hidraulic lifting travel among other complex deffinitions.

At same time solidworks worked great because it allowed me to made the whole bidding's technical drawings, animation videos, exploded views and renderings thanks to SW tools.

This project received a great public attention because of its innovative focus, because is a unprecedented product developed from sketch to prototype. Because of this several tv programs, radio and national news papers made news about this project made by Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

By this design project i learned a lot about design methodology, raw materials, vehicles specification, group leadership, public procurement and specially about product design, development and prototyping

More information in Design process report book:

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