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Horse Care & Rest-House, Buraidah, KSA

Horse Care & Rest-House, Buraidah, KSA

FOUR Architects
March 23, 2018
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The project is a mixed project of a rest-house in Buraidah city in AL Qassim province , it's main components are rest-house which contains a sitting & dinning areas, private horse stables , public commercial stables and horse care facilities.

The main Idea was to divide the building into 2 separated buildings, one for the owner accommodating the private stables and rest-house, the other was for the commercial stables and horse care facilities.
the design style was a hybrid between modern and traditional Saudi architecture.we depended on the solid form in the external facade which is more exposed to the weather conditions to make more comfortable to the horses in the stable.

we used mainly 3dsmax for modeling and corona renderer, for post production we use adobe photoshop with google Nik software.
for the design first it started with some free hand sketching for the zoning and design, then it was developed to Auto cad drawings.

we have received various positive feed backs from people with different backgrounds.the project is unique in its nature.people liked the sitting area surrounded by the horse pool o view horses move around them in an natural lit semi closed environment.
Saudi Arabia is very diverse and have a lot to offer in the architectural field , the design elements in the traditional Saudi architecture are rich and can be modernized .

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