Logofolio #1

This project contains a selection of client work and personal projects which I have had the pleasure of designing over the past months. I love working with different styles and aim to be able to design for all industry sectors, setting myself personal projects helps me achieve this.

All styles/materials and colours derive from the given brief, I love doing my research into companies and dive into their history and background. Looking at where they are now, where they want to be in the future and their target audience gives me insight into the palettes used and the direction of design.

Unlike many designers I don’t often start with sketches and paperwork. I begin visualising my initial ideas that come to me after reading the brief and work on expanding those ideas throughout research and development. All my logos are made using Adobe Illustrator CC.

People have responded amazingly, it is unreal to see so much positive support for my first logo collection. I got the attention from some big artists on Behance and that helped me reach a larger audience from there. This project has since been featured on the Student Show Gallery which brought so much exposure to my profile and projects. I cant wait to release my next project and I can only hope people respond in a similar way.

Hard work pays off, put in the time and see the results.

Adam Birkett

My name is Adam Birkett. I am a 19 year old Junior Designer living in London. I’m am currently studying a BA(Hons) Degree in Graphic Design at Ravensbourne University of Arts. I work to a very high standard and focus my free time on setting myself briefs to improve my practice.