100 logos, marks and monograms

This project is a collection of 100 logotypes, marks and monograms we’ve designed for different projects and clients all over the world. This idea came up first as a “logo database” for our website, and then we decided to post it as a project.

We design logos all the time, so we realize we have designed more than 100 logos in the last years, so we came up with this collection. In first place, the collection was placed in a new section of our website, but then we decided to post it on Behance.

Besides of the brief and all we have to know about the project, when we design a logo, everything starts with a sketch, then we digitalize it using Adobe Illustrator and take the vector file to Glyphs. This tool help us to make accurate lines and appropriate kerning.

Response was great! We made this collection for our website, and months latter we decided to make it a project. Once we post it on Behance it got featured in Graphic Design Curated Gallery and this give us a lot of exposure.

full project: https://www.behance.net/gallery/85983877/100-logos-marks-and-monograms


We are a graphic design studio with offices in Mexico and Canada, working with clients all over the world. We design visually stunning brand identities that aim to aspiration and delighting, making connections with people.

We love brands, and this is why we focus all our efforts on branding, but, as part of this, we develop many other design pieces, always maintaining our principles: aesthetic, simplicity and function.