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Adrian van Os
November 12, 2018
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I was tasked with Branding/Packaging and Designing an agricultural company called Pecus (Pty) Ltd. This company is a manufacturer of salt lick blocks for for the supplementation of livestock. I was briefed with designing the logo, packaging, stationary where by the business card and brochure are concerned, outdoor advertising material and finally the website and social media campaign.

When Branding Pecus it was important to use an earthy and almost natural shade of green as I wanted to ensure the product looked natural and healthy. the balance of white and grey was to make sure the product finally had that medical supplement look. it was very important that the branding looked clean and bold from the beginning of the project.

I used Indesign to create all of the outdoor branding regarding the Gazebo, X-Banner, Teardrop banner and table cloth. finally i used Indesign to design the business card and brochure. Majority of my Photoshop use was to create the Mockups for the presentation of the brand. I created the logo with illustrator. The logo was also created as a custom logotype with an emphasis on round curves. The website was developed using html5 and css3 i also used the bootstrap framework to help with the responsiveness and the scroll feature.

People have responded very well to the project. We have received very good feedback from facebook. Customers really like the packaging of this brand. There have been numerous clients asking where the product is imported from because of the professional design of the packaging and overall brand. The business has surpassed all our expectations in terms of sales and distribution which i believe is a credit to a capitalisation of a gap in the market and the easily recognisable and bold design of the brand.

Adrian van Os

Dutch designer based in Botswana. He has a multi cultural background. He has a passion for learning and exploring different design trends and techniques. He aspires to create ground breaking and jaw dropping work. His aim is always to create works that combine concepts with strong simplistic and clean executions. He always strives to create eye catching and user-orientated graphic design.

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