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Brand Creation ZACO Productions

Brand Creation ZACO Productions

Felipe jiménez urrutia
March 21, 2018
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ZACO is a company that specializes in generating audiovisual content with a professional and coherent vision. This brand wants to transmit security and commitment, for this reason its elaborated by the fusion of two letters the "Z" and the "C"

My creative processes are based on the collection of information. After having enough information about the type of brand I want to create, start developing main ideas. After having the concept, I retake the brief given by my client and analyze if my idea is consistent with the vision of my client.

To make the logo I used Illustrator. I started by enabling the grid of the illustrator's work table. but before I create a creative process, sketching different ways of making the composition. when I have a main idea I use illustrator to make adjustments, digitize the logo and work the brand with the aureo number.

They responded excellently. I learned to work with excellence and with a clear intention about what is best for my client. Also, through my career I have managed to get many people interested in my projects and they are always welcome because of the quality and love with which I make each brand or project.

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felipe jiménez urrutia

I am a graphic designer of the city of Medellin, Colombia. I like the details of each project I do.

I think that the best way to set goals is through passion and a calm and relaxed way of looking at life.

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