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Multifunctional Cable

Multifunctional Cable

October 24, 2018
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The multifunctional cable simultaneously can charge electrics with apple connector and micro USB. The other end of the cable is designed for USB 3.0. The apple connector and the micro USB are located on the same side for they are of wider use. The type C connector, on the other hand, is on the other end.

Further, The structure of the tape is applied to avoid a mess of intertwined cables.

When I have more than 2 electronics that I need charge and the cable in my bag was a mess, I need a super cable to solve it.

The cable is light, but the mess cables are burdensome. Coo, elegant, modern and simple stuffs could be the solution of the mess cable.

Solidworks, Keyshot, Photoshop

Sketching the idea at first, then do the research about the existing product in the market. Analyze the pros and cons of these product, combine with my idea and ensure the vacancy of this product in the market. Then build the model in Solidworks and render it in Keyshot.

When I was build the structure of the cable, I need to think as an engineer to consider the possibilities for different cable structure combination. Some ideas are too hard to achieve. How to get a reasonable and easy structure in the cool form is the biggest challenge for it.

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