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Nautic camp

Nautic camp

Tatjana M
March 19, 2020

Project is consequence of location- it’s natural and socila aspects. Main components are construction and barriers which are there to protect from wind and sun, and to give users visual association on camping area. It is adapted to users- camping spot is water and they enter it with your boat.

Inspired by Belgrade fair building it is in industrial style with dominant “heavy” construction, and light removable barriers in-between. Whole construction is floating on water, so materials have to be waterproof and light. In order to be practical for use it is grid shaped.

Software i used for linear parth of work is AutoCad. For making a 3D i used SketchUp and than edited it in Adobe Photoshop to make photomontage.
Model from the photo is 1:100 scale, and shows the technique of making it in real life.

Space is created for users, and should be viewed through their eyes. Way of using of space should be predicted, explored and designed, while shape, color and material of project is following it.
Different aspects will affect it through the time, change it and adapt it to the new circumstances.

Tatjana M

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