Functional and conceptual jewelry line. The concept is based in two diferent definitions in spanish of form, the external figure of a solid body and as the way of doing or executing certain action or activity.

This collection is constituted by 5 different pieces made in silver. Each piece has its own function for everyday mundane activities potraying and contrasting the concept of jewelry as an ornamental object that seems inherent to human culture, does the function give an object a meaning? Or do we “create” it’s meaning?

I really like jewelry but I wanted to do something that was not just aesthetically beautiful but that it had an idea behind it beyond shape, so I experimented with a lot of concepts, experimenting with materials and stuff. In the end these idea of function was very appealing for the whole concept of jewelry and the importance of functionality in modern society. The material was selected because Mexico is the country that most produces silver in the world, but this also mean that it’s a very polemic material. The shape was designed for it to look very minimalistic and simple, so that it doesn’t overshadow the concept as well as for when any piece isn’t in function, it could work by itself as jewelry.

I first came up with different concepts and evaluated each one of them with categories I chose depending on my way of seeing the world I guess. Then I sketched many different ideas and started eliminating those that weren’t viable or didn’t work with the other pieces. Then I modeled them in Autodesk Inventor Professional so that I had the 3D model, the technical plans and renders (I didn’t need them to be very sophisticated).
I then 3D printed them to get molds and started the metal casting process.

I put a lot of effort in the presentation, so that the pieces displayed beautifully. So at first it seemed like just a jewelry line, and then I had to put some visual images to potray the concept. In general people responded well to it and to the presentation. I learned a lot about design process, brand identity, how to present a project, display but most importantly, about myself, I guess in a way the concept reflected a part of life.

Mariana Kameta

Mexican . Industrial Designer and Artist.