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Reader Mobile App

Reader Mobile App

Kirill Emelyanov
June 24, 2016
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The Reader App gives you an opportunity to read your favorite books on the go. Organize books in collections or tags, keep your library in order. Nothing extra, basic and functional with a fresh interface, animation and love for details.

I had made part of the developments since the days when I was working in YotaPhone company on reader for e-ink screen, it was with a bunch of restrictions and conventions, so most of my ideas were impossible to implement. Six months later, I have decided to return to my first developments and to create the concept of the modern e-reader with basic functionality, but with a refreshed user interface, animation and love of details.

To begin with, I did some research on the market of e-readers, there were apps for iOS and Android on the Chinese, European and American market, around 20 apps. In addition, I have investigated e-reader interfaces from Sony and Amazon.

When the situation on the market became clear, I draw the wireframes, sketched out a prototype in invision + for some ideas I had to collect the animation in After Effects, to see how they work in the dynamics. Having tested and simulated with UX, I started drawing the final UI in Photoshop.

The response that I have received from this work was a big surprise to me. But I can say for sure that one of the main rules, which I emphasized in this work is the fact, that you need to be very concern about the formalization and filing of your work, it is necessary to overcome the urge to lay out a new project too quickly.

Kirill Emelyanov

I’m a multidisciplinary Designer & Art Director with a focus on Branding & Interactive Design.

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