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Just Another Tap

Just Another Tap

Matteo Ercole
March 29, 2019
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This is a visual concept of a tap, I started from the natural shape of a stone, trying to extract the essence and transfer it on a totally static element.
The shape is almost totally symmetrical, with only some organic deformation to make the interaction intuitive and easily understandable by the user. The research is very focused on the natural effect I wanted to reach on the main material, so I created a mix between stone-surface and metal traditional finish.

I got the idea starting from the study of materials, I've seen a stone-like surface and I explored the natural world to match some shape with could work with it. I feel this style as mine, because I love simple and evocative shapes and I want really bad to connect industrial and natural world in some kind of poetic.

I model mostly with Rhinoceros 3D, like in this exact case. I started from 2D profile sketches on the paper, to make the main idea of proportions and inclination of the tap, then I modelled it and got some changes and adjustments to perfect the shape and make it as organic as I can, even without abandoning the idea of industrial product.
Then I used Keyshot to get the perfect material and set the scene and finalised the images with Photoshop.

This project has been a big training for my abilities, because of the simple shape I forced myself to work on proportions and surfaces and because the most important part was the setting of the material.
The public response is still very tight, because I shared it only on Behance and not in bigger platform, but I wanted to test the concept firstly with designers and I'm waiting to show up to other kind of people.

I love to call my projects "Just another" and I'm trying to work on this formula as a brand

Matteo Ercole

Italian, based in Milan, graduated product designer in Polytechnic of Turin and student in Polytechnic of Milan.

Sport lover, I play basketball since I was 5,
so I’m used to work side by side with
other people.

I’m relaxed, sympathetic and intuitive aptitude, in love with minimalism
and simplicity in products.

People think I’m a Hipster, but I like
to see me as a vintage passionate.

Sorry, not bearded.

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