Residencia R

This is a residencial project, which consists of a house with two bedrooms each with its on suite bathroom, living area, kitchen and dinning room with an open floor plan, guest bathroom, coat closet and an office/ studio. Creating a minimal and modern architecture with high ceilings to give the user enough space to showcase a vast quantity of art.

starting with the idea of a white canvas, I created this project having the idea to design a space which would portray different pieces of art, this, leading me to choose raw materials that wont interfere with the art, letting it stand out on its own.

I used AutoCAD to design, create the floor plans and made the 3d model by “extruding” the original floor plan, which had to be made with a “polyline” so it could be extruded properly. Afterwards i used Lumion 6 as a rendering software in this I imported the 3d file of both, the building and the furniture used in this project. Then to edit the color, exposure and contrast of the images I used Photoshop.

The response was good, i got a lot of compliments in this project, which encourage me to keep up with the good work. I learn to keep on creating and not letting my creativity fall asleep and keep on learning.

Kathya Ardón

Architect and Interior Designer from Guatemala.