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SILKA Re-branding

SILKA Re-branding

Shams ElGhandour
September 25, 2022
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This is my vision for re-branding an existing company for glass and alumital .

I wanted to design a thing that catches our target audience with its luxurious style because we were targeting the A class

I used illustrator to design the logo after sketching it on paper, I used photoshop to design the social media design.

The client liked it and got the approval from the first time.

Shams ElGhandour

I'm Shams ElGhandour an Artist and Graphic Designer. I'm currently working for Fly Pie, a marketing and telesales agency.
My role is focused on designing all the required designs for the agency for all the clients we have.
I'm a passionate, hard worker, and self-motivated person.
I involved myself in too many volunteering positions, with AIESEC in India, D-CAF, and Ezbet project in Germany and I was a delegate with the Egyptian delegations to the world festival of youth and Students in Russia.
I had an internship in graphic design at 3 different agencies. I've been working as Muralist since 2017 and still working as a freelancer Muralist.
I started my own business as a painter I do paintings and currently, I'm handling the account from A to Z.

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