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Santiago Arango
February 11, 2019
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THE VVICTH is an illustration inspired on Robert Eggers' movie from 2016. Is not exactly based on any of the actual characters, but it translates what I felt while watching the movie. It was sort of a witching hour inspiration deal.

For some reason I got obsessed with The Sword's "Tres Brujas" (the title translates "three witches") and then I watched THE VVICTH (finally!!!) and I knew what I had to do. The color palette is pretty much what I felt the movie was all about, sort of the "vvitch-vision" of it all.

I started from a stock photo actually from a stock photograph. I chose a photo of a woman that sort of felt like she could be a witch, and then sketched it out from it on Photoshop. Then I traced the sketch on Illustrator. So I kind of went from there, I try to make solid shapes and construct the image from bottom to top (if that makes any sense?). So once I layout the basic shapes, I begin working on the color palette, then lightning and finally textures and details.

This was a nice project 'cause it taught me about mixing stuff up and sort of trying new things, and I was excited about the response it got, which was better than expected. I'm very happy with it, and it's cool to see people engage with it.

Santiago Arango

¬°Hola from Colombia!
I'm a copywriter by day, and an illustrator by night... I've been drawing since I have memory, but only now I'm decent at it. Hope you enjoy my work, as much as I enjoy doing it!

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