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March 29, 2018

In order to end the year 2017 nicely, we created a review about us in 2017. The goal of this project is to let people know about us deeply, by giving them the basic trivial facts about us in fun way.

The idea stems from our latest mission - evoking our own brand awareness deeper than ever. Visually, we utilize black and white as the color scheme since it is our brand color. Additionally, we created this infographic since, most of our online contents are usually about our portfolio, events that we joined or collaboration project.

We use Adobe Photoshop to execute the design from beginning to end. We did not use any software that mainly to create motion graphic (such as Adobe After Effect). The reason was to experiment making motion graphic by using software that is not specialised for motion graphic. It was a brand new experience for us to create this project using Adobe Photoshop which is generally utilized for photo manipulation.

In fact, compared to previous post we feel glad that this post has gained more likes and engagements from some of our followers. And because of their reaction towards this post, we have decided to renew our content since then, which reflects another side of us that people not usually know.

Curious about the renewed content? Follow @treehouseworks on Instagram to understand more about Treehouse Works as well as updates of our professional work on @thw.insight

Treehouse Works

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