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Bubble Playground

Bubble Playground

Mohamad Febri Setiyono
July 13, 2018
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Kudus town square always crowded on Saturday night. Many families go there to play with their children and photograph the city light decoration without touch it because the decoration on the fence.
Families with children under seven years old only can play together on the weekend, because the parents must work every day.

The design is inspired from bubbles that are often played by children in kudus town square.The outline of a large bubble shaped design with lots of small bubble bulges. The small bubbles will light up in various color when held and trampled by children. The climb divided into convex contours and concave contours to create variations of the game.

- The balls turn on when held
- The balls turn on when stepped on
- The tools can release bubbles every 15 minutes and can rotate 180 degrees
- while lying down, can see the color change LED when children climbed

I use solidworks to make a three dimensional design, rendered design by photoview 360 and adobe photoshop to finish design.

Step in design:
1. Before start design, i usually go to kudus town square everyday. and there, i observe anything like human habit, look relantionship between parents and his son, people activity in afternoon/night.
2. Take photo and record video.
3. Collect more information in internet.
4. Make brainstorming idea to find problem solve.
5. Thinking to get inspiration and concept product that related problem
6. Sketching idea in paper
7. Make 3D design in Solidworks
8. Render design in Photoview 360 and Finishing design in Adobe Photoshop

I get many input about this design and used technology. Because, light can turn on with grap the base.
From this project, i get more learned a lot about children activity, lamp technology, sensoring concept technology, shaping the product in software.

you can learn other websites such as phillips university to study lighting sytem and concept from phillips

Mohamad Febri Setiyono

I am product designer in POLYTRON (indonesian electronic appliances company). My background study is industrial product design departement in INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI SEPULUH NOPEMBER - SURABAYA - INDONESIA.
I happy design electronic appliances product, and i hope can be professional.

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