TwiGear — the first personal eco advisor

TwiGear — the first personal wearable modular eco advisor. It protects you from harmful environment pollution by giving out and shows pieces of advice based on cumulative data. TwiGear tackles air pollution in the cities, by making it visible and avoidable. Expanding range of supported sensors allows you choose set of sensors you need for TODAY, not YESTERDAY. TwiGear helps you breathe cleaner air.

We appealed to design the first electronic watches. The 80’s outlines touches the children strings of our souls. We researched the form of both simple and elegant, which would allow to provide modularity of the device without compromising aesthetics. And the bright colors make device a fashion accessory.

We did a lot of sketches by hand. We have long sought a form that would satisfy our requirements. Paul Paul Obadiah based on my sketches developed a 3D model in SolidWorks and processed them in Photoshop. Then we printed block of 3-D printer and tested ergonomics.

People like retro shape and bright colors. People began to think about the air they breathe, the environment in which they live. So our product is interesting for them. Personally, I learned a lot about engineering, industrial design, eco data and factors that surround us.

Dmitry Vlasyuk – CTO
Maxim Tkachuk – Designer, Creative Director
Paul Obadiah – industrial designer

Maksim Tkachuk