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"Camila's Hug" Challenge

Nicolás López Ladino
April 26, 2019

Interpretation of Camila's Hug for Curve id. Challenge of drawing. a proposal that generates an emotion with the icon of the Colombian design "Camila's Hug" by the designer Alberto Mantilla is proposed. It was a personal drawing for the @curve_id studio

The moments in life are very important in life, memories for life, the most important representation. This product is an icon in the design, as it has been one of the most sold products at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA)

I saw the publication in Instagram, then take the pencil and draw many proposals, once chosen, the calque with my phone using a mobile application called Adobe Capture. Move the sketch to illustrator to generate the outlines, to finish exporting it in Photoshop for its respective color.

I learned that the passion for what you like, can take you very far. Opportunities are everywhere, you have to use their passion for what they like, where they will be able to explore new scenarios with their talent, do not forget to practice. The experience in the area will allow them to be better

If you like something, work for it, you will soon have your reward for so much effort, greetings

Nicolás López Ladino

Colombian Industrial designer Passionate about product design, design and experience and the Eating Design
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