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Unique Animal Logos

Unique Animal Logos

Daniel Bodea
March 6, 2020

Everybody loves animals, I do as well but I also love drawing them as logo designs. Many big brands and start-ups choose to have an animal to represent their identity since they are beautiful creatures and have so many positive characteristics.
Here are some of my latest Animal logos which I've chosen because I thought they really stand. Most of these logomarks we're created for branding or logo projects for companies with different industries, that's why the styles are so varied.

Animals can be illustrated in so many styles. An aggressive bear or lion can be transformed to be cute and playful just by the use of an illustrative shrinking style. The style of execution is very important in the feel of the logo so it's good to understand the brand's persona you're making it for.
Each animal logo is designed so it matches the style and feel of the industry and audience it is made for. For example, the pixelated Orca Whale was made for gaming and app company, the Koala Love emblem for a baby clothing website, the Dino logo for a Decking business, you get what I mean.

I pay close attention to the animal's characteristics and anatomy since it is important for the audience to recognize easily the animal itself. Some animals closely resemble each other like big cats, foxes, and dogs, etc. so it's important to paying attention to details.
After this, I start with hand-drawn sketches on paper. I draw 3-6 sketches from which I made the top choices digital in vector shapes.
I spend the most time sketching, the vectorizing part is easier and faster for me. I use the all-powerful Pen tool for the vector curves in Adobe Illustrator.

My most liked works are animal logos and I'm really glad since I love creating them. It's one of my favorite directions in logo design, but I don't stop there since it's better to have a portfolio rich in style and variety.

Daniel Bodea

I'm Daniel Bodea the designer behind Kreatank a small creative agency based in the heart of Europe, the country where Dracula was born named Romania. Currently, it is a one-man operation so I'm the founder, owner and overall designer.

The road for this field started with a passion for drawing, painting, sculpting. I studied in Arts High school and the University of Arts and Design which helped develop further my drawing and artistic skills. My main professor of graphic design though was the Internet. Since then I worked with hundreds of companies and startups from all around the world.

Kreatank specializes in brand identity and logo design but it doesn't stop there, other services are: Illustrations, icons, packaging, print design, logo animation.

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