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YuFu Stylus by Fahredin Kosumi

YuFu Stylus by Fahredin Kosumi

Honey Adraque
August 24, 2015

Digital art requires control over the flow of your "ink" and as with all art, quality tools. Many modern artists have chosen the iPad as their medium, and combined it with brilliant Apps like Procreate to shape their art. The YuFu is designed to work perfectly with all of the best Art, Note Taking, Ideation and Animation Apps, as well as to work with all Tablets that support Bluetooth LE.

I was asked by a company from usa called HEX3 to do some CGI render for their latest product, they told me ideas how they want their product to look, so what i did? first day i started to gather hundred of images as reference, the modeling and shading was very simple but my challenge was lighting, i spend many hours playing with the lights until i was satisfied at the and every images was imported in photoshop for last touch.

- Fahredin Kosumi






About Fahredin Kosumi

Fahredin Kosumi lives in Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo. He studied graphic design and is currently working as cgi freelancer. He spend in front of his pc practicing with his software most of the time, following the latest artworks on Behance and learning new things. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.

7 comments on “YuFu Stylus by Fahredin Kosumi”

  1. Unfortunately, Atherton and Hex3 used your hard work to scam people into thinking they have a working product to sell. I'm surprised they haven't demanded you take down this post, but then again, it took a bit of digging to find it. They are claiming your artwork is actual product they have in stock and are taking orders on. I was duped into ordering the phantom stylus a year ago and haven't seen it yet, and no refund.

  2. I do hope you got paid for your work. Mr. Anderton of Hex3 is known for selling vaporware products. Such as in " I'll have your money now, don't bother asking when I'll ship your order".

    1. Sorry to hear that, yes they paid me, they also told me while i was doing this job that they are having some difficulties with product, but i dont know any thing more about this company, hope you will have the product or money back:S

  3. Wow, now THIS is high tech and interesting. I would love to learn more about it and see what comes out of this in the future. Fantastic design, and the concept is equally great.

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