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Apartment Decoration

Apartment Decoration

Filipe Reis
February 1, 2018
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Este apartamento foi projetado pensando em integrar o terraço com o espaço interno, cada detalhe foi solicitado. Todos os móveis foram projetados para integrar um todo como um clima central e espacial, desde a vida até a lavanderia. O arquiteto me pediu para fazer 2 tipos de iluminação, a primeira luz da manhã para que o cliente possa sentir a entrada da luz no apartamento e a segunda uma noite para mostrar o projeto de iluminação.

First, the architect asked me for some angles to show all the space to carefully choose the angles so that they exhibit an undistorted integration of both images, in this case, we can understand the real space of the apartment.

I used 3Ds max software to model the environment and all materials and lights with Corona Render, including Render itself. I did several color tests and palettes to match the space, I tested variations of lighting on the feature offered by Corona Render. I use Photoshop to end with a post production

The customer was very pleased with the design and quite liked the colors, especially the wall lamp that is on top of the sofa, liked the other environment, especially clothes with furniture designed exclusively for this project. The room was also an ambiance that was highly praised in the design of the headboard, and the darker tones gave an air of comfort and tranquility.

Filipe Reis

My name is Filipe Reis, I am Producer of Digital Media. My work and dedication is focused on the production of 3D images, with total professionalism. Our services are designed for studios, architects, advertisers, designers and real estate investors. I have more than 5 years experience in architectural visualizations on various projects, a complete understanding of the relationship and the needs between architecture, art, design and 3D production, in creating architectural visualizations.

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