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Aquarela (Watercolor)

Aquarela (Watercolor)

Marina Vasconcelos
December 7, 2016
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Since i am a food lover and watercolor lover, i decided to mashed them together. Food illustration is starting to get big and i loved the idea. I have loved watercolor for a long time and after practicing a lot i came out with this result, and i loved it.

I had the inspiration coming from one of my favorite artists and youtuber - Holly Exley. She made me obsessed with food illustration, so i decided to try. I choose to do it in watercolor because i always loved how it feels, because with watercolor you can get the kind of 'happy accidents' that makes the art more authentic and beautiful. I was not going for realism and perfection, since i believe the beauty is in the imperfect.

I start by researching some images of food that inspires me, mostly on Pinterest. So i usually combine many references that please me. After I sketch and come up with the illustration, i start mixing up the colors and start painting. I used a low-budget material making this one. I believe you can make art with a regular material, it doesn't need to be an expensive material to have a good result.

As i said before, i learned that you don't need to have all the fancy material to start making art. Trying out different materials is always good, but you shouldn't think that just because you can't afford the ideal watercolor you can't make something beautiful.

I wish people would give watercolor a try. It is so good for the heart!

Marina Vasconcelos

Watercolor lover! Mother of a Dachshund. British History and Literature obsessed. Love pastel colors! Purpose in life is to illustrate!

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