Beirut Mabrouk Festival

A fictional festival takes place in the heart of Beirut every summer. Mabrouk, which means blessing, congratulations etc, is the third most common Arabic expression. The Beirut Mabrouk Festival is a blessed music festival which opens its doors by the very end of summer. Each year the festival introduces two artists from all over the world.

I have been interested in Lebanon for years now as because my mother was born and raised there. I always liked the culture and most of all the people.
The idea came up one night while talking with my mother regarding what is missing in Beirut and that was music festivals and festivals in general.
I started brainstorming with her creating mood boards regarding their colours, their symbols as well ; this is how I came up with the final logotype.

I have mostly used Illustrator ; you can’t go wrong with this amazing software.
I previously pointed that I created mood boards regarding their culture therefore I started drawing patterns inspired by doors, windows even floors. After playing around with the final symbols I managed to find the colours that perfectly described both Beirut, Lebanon but also a music festival. After that it was just a matter of time to get into the project and start proceeding with it.

People responded better than I would except. It is very nice to see people supporting your project and appreciating your work, because it is what I love doing. I had some people from Lebanon informing that this could actually become a real thing and I should try and fight over it.

Natalia Chatzidimitriou

I was born in Greece, Athens on a sunny day back in August 1990. I grew up having my mother taking pictures and having a camera around her neck 24/7 so I decided that I wanted to be like her and study Arts.

In the year of 2008 I studied Advertising in C.A.D | College of Advertising and Design | in Brussels when I realised that I loved Graphic Design. In 2010 I got into AKTO | Art and Design College | in Athens and I’m awaiting to graduate in 2014 with my B.A Degree in Graphic Design.