Cabin In The Forest by Tomek Michalski

Have you ever dreamed of having a house in the forest? Maybe to chill and just enjoy the beauty of nature? Well, you’d absolutely enjoy Tomek Michalski, an Industrial Design student’s first architectural concept project – Cabin in the Forest.

Cabin in the forest is my first architectural concept. This project is especially devoted to people who want to take some rest from the city atmosphere, the world of humanity, and daily life. I considered a cold misty forest to be the perfect refuge from the big agglomeration. Taking into consideration, a cold, misty forest in the context of a warm space of seclusion is supposed to help and shape character, as well as invoke emotions and willingness to ponder.
-Tomek Michalski




The aim of this work is to limit the human influence on the nature. Therefore the building itself and the other interiors will be designed so that to decrease people impact on the world of fauna and flora.
-Tomek Michalski



I am very much inspired by modern architecture. I’ve been studying industrial design for 3 years recently discovered and enjoyed the world of 3D(3d programs) which, I learned was my passion.
-Tomek Michalski




About Tomek Michalski

Tomek Michalski is a freelance graphic designer with extensive experience in 3D and creative industry, he’s currently living in Poland and at his senior year as an Industrial Design student at the Institute Design in Koszalin. He claims that graphic design is his core passion. For a couple of years, he has been making visualizations as well as private projects. Tomek’s works have been appreciated and honored by websites concerning 3D and creative industry. See more of his work at Behance or his website.