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Oscar Centeno
January 13, 2018
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WALLNUT is a very interesting design, and a subtle product, designed to renew the spaces and the aesthetics of contemporary housing; in essence WALLNUT is a piece of design that seeks to integrate materials in orthogonal forms trying to geometrize in a simple way.

Every object implies an understanding of the connection that exists between materials; Through the implementation of colors, shapes and textures, WALLNUT was designed to create harmony based on elegance and complementation. For warm and small spaces it is essential to keep in mind how the saving of space and the interaction of objects with the environment can be key elements in usability.

As an industrial designer, the need to develop products leads to making use of modeling tools to land the idea, WALLNUT was mainly developed in Rhinoceros, coupled with V-Ray for renders which required the adjustment of some details at a visual effects at Photoshop.

Once prototyped WALLNUT was exposed at the Franz Mayer Museum in April 2017, where besides good reviews it was honorable mension in the event, the project had an excellent response due to the design quality and mainly the synergy that both tables created together

WALLNUT is a project that tries to emphasize the styling of the house which contemplates how simplicity can be a good ally in furniture design

Oscar Centeno

I am an Industrial Designer committed to a new conception in the development and creation of products, starting from the bases of sustainability and innovation in design. As a new generation, I always seek to generate a difference in high quality and total functionality; In creation of design i understand the challenge of developing new and competitive products.

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