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Mirko Milicic
February 15, 2018
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The main feature of the Cloud chair is its tri-partition. It consists of three separate elements, armrests and seats of specific organic shapes, which in their rounded form, form the impression of the cloud
The elements link the wooden structure that follows the shape and through the fluid joins connects into the legs of the chair, creating a harmonious whole. The chair is shown in three different shades of color, which further emphasizes the separation of the three structural elements.

The inspiration for this product was the cloud term. Semantic, cloud symbolizes formative variability and glare, softness and comfort. The Cloud chair is designed to follow and adapt to the human form and visually reminds of a gaseous cluster that will provide the user with a comfortable and safe zone.

I first thought about the concept how to make an elegant sofa with organic form and a striking appearance. So I made a lot of sketches which one of them sat best that description. Then I made a model according to the drawing in 3d program. I use: Pencil and paper, AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Illustrator.

People respond very well to my project. I got a lot of positive comments about the product itself from people all over the world. They say it looks very original and stylish and also very comfortable. They like my concept very much and they are very supportive! ?

Mirko Milicic

Mirko Miličić, born 9th January 1985 in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated from the School of Applied Art and Design, and a Master of Design at the Faculty of Architecture. With an approach to design characterized by a clear inquisitiveness for products, industry and processes, Mirko Miličić works on various projects ranging from product, interior and furniture design to illustration and motion graphics . The provided services are characterized by simple and relevant design approach which endeavors in always offering innovative and strong solutions based on methodical process. Up to now he worked in product design, interior design, furniture design, web design, illustrations, graphics and graphic animations. He had a different exhibition in the field of furniture design, painting and illustration. He began painting from the time of primary schools in the study, "Tanay", after the completion of the School of Applied Art and Design he has upgraded its talent with the academic artist Maja Mubrin. He lives and works in Zagreb.

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