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Coppertail Brewing Co. Branding by Conrad Garner

Coppertail Brewing Co. Branding by Conrad Garner

Stephen Malapote
June 25, 2015

A company's vision is often brought to reality through effective branding. The message and feel of what its product stands for must be recurring in all its materials. Today we bring you a fun branding walk-through to a project done by Conrad Garner for Coppertail Brewing Co. Enjoy!




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About the Designer

Conrad is an art director, graphic designer, visual artist, illustrator, & photographer. He specializes in hand lettering, type design, packaging, and art direction. You can find out more about him through his Behance and his website.

3 comments on “Coppertail Brewing Co. Branding by Conrad Garner”

  1. An elegant concept! I love the use of vintage ephemera to evoke a sense of classic taste, tradition and care to the brewing of the product!
    Makes me want to go to the store to grab a Coppertail!

  2. There is something very elegant about the entire design. The who project looks like it was a lot of fun to make and it speaks for the creative minds that are behind the brewery.

  3. That's a freakin sweet design!

    I went to the Coppertail Brewing website but their "Find Our Beer" page isn't working. I'll keep an eye out for it when I go to the states.

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