Couple’s Bathroom

The 3D visualisation images were created as a representation of a project developed by the architect Karla Di Grecco at the Grecco Marques Architecture studio. The bathroom is connectec to the main room of a house located in the city of Cuiabá, Mato Grosso – Brazil. The room offers a wide space to be used by the couple, including two separated showers and two bathroom sinks in distinct countertops.

The representation was thought to emphasize the designer’s ideias on the materials, colors and compositions, seeking to value the dialog established by the lighting project as forseen by the architect’s creation process.
Firstly, an environment with little or no natural light was established so that it was possible to really perceive the behavior of the designed lighting project. Materials and lights were set up with the intention of approaching a realistic view, producing a warm and comfortable environment for residents.

The model was made in SketchUp and rendered with V-ray. It went through the process of configuration of the materials and lights, as well as through a series of rendering tests in order to achieve the expected results. In post-production the softwares Photoshop and Lightroom helped establish a better contrast and a balance in the colors.

The project helped me give my first steps in the production of images for architecture visualisation. It showed me the difficulties in working with the balancing of artifical lighting and pointed some aspects in which I need to improve my skills. However, I am very satisfied with the results and people responded well to it.

Ângela Peres

I’m an Architecture and Urbanism student at the Federal University of Mato Grosso, at the city of Cuiabá, Brazil. Lately I’ve been developing some representation images for architecture design projects and I also have been working on some photography projects of my own, constantly trying to develop my skills in both related fields.