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This project came from conversations with a friend who is part of a dance company. From the need for photos to divulge the work done by my friend and other professionals.
She contacted me, we talked about what they expected from the photos, and from that we defined the place. The production of makeup, costumes and pose were carried out by these same professionals, who understand a lot of these processes.

I already knew the location, had gone to other types of work for at least three times. So when I learned about the need for the photos, which I would only do for a friend who performs the dance work, Vanessa Silva, were born in the interest of other professionals to participate. We took some photos in a day, we like the result. I saw through the selection of some images that were still missing some clicks, we returned to the same place and finished the work.

The photos at the beginning would be external and asked for this street dance footprint, this project was conceived from the beginning to be colorful. I saw the need for the light to be knocked due to the amount of natural light that exists in the ready-to-work location. The first day of the photo session was cloudy, so we had to work with the availability of light that the clouds released, the other was more sunny, so we had more difficulty with shadows.

I used a Nikkon D7200 camera, a lens of 18-140 mm and the aid of a silver hitter, manipulated by a professional. he treatment was only used through Lightroom. No image has manipulation or graphic treatment. Only treatment of light, color, sharpness and contrasts.

Many people still see in dance and sensuality a taboo to be broken. The work developed by these professionals, in my lay vision as a photographer, serves precisely to show that through dance anyone can improve their esteem. I always learn with photography. I learned how important and empowering the street dance movement is, and how much it makes these professionals feel good and pass this learning on to their students.

I would like to thank everyone who has made a project of being able to be relayed.

Felipe Musso

Desireé Gundim
Thalita Barbosa
Vanessa Silva
Felipe Xavier
Robson Dias
Bárbara Luiza

Marcos Oliveira

Advertising and photographer.