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Tobacco Euphoria

Tobacco Euphoria

Bojan Culibrk
March 12, 2019
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The shooting for my project had been done in my studio. I've been experimenting with tobacco smoke. It was very interesting during the photo session, because every photo was different from another, depending on the quantity of smoke, facial expression of the model and choosing from which angle and perspective to take photos.

I think tobacco smoking is always a good idea in photography. You never know what you will get. Photos can be very spontaneous and artistic. The main background color is black, because it makes photos more mysterious and dramatic as well.

I've been using Canon EOS 6D camera for photo shooting in combination with two main diffuse lights and one backlight. After photo shooting I've processed images with Adobe Photoshop mainly by playing with levels and saturation, making some of the photos black and white.

People really loved this project, I've received so many good comments. It was a pleasure to work with such great and professional models. I think patience, hard work and creativity always pay off and this was the case with this project.

Bojan Culibrk

My name is Bojan Ćulibrk. I’m designer and photographer from Novi Sad, Serbia. I love design, photography, 3d modelling and art generally very much. I have worked in Adobe programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator; and Blender for 3d modelling.
Also I like doing sports and it gives me necessary will and power to continue doing what I do even better. I’m communicative person and always looking forward for making new friendships.

Interest: furniture design, modern art, exterior design, interior design, photography, 3d modelling, rendering, digital image processing, 2d graphics, digital art, product design, applied art.

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