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Double E Portable Battery

Double E Portable Battery

Zheming Zhou
July 6, 2017

Double E is a portable battery concept designed for outdoor camping and indoor office environment. It is a combination of a portable battery and a mini power generator. From the environmentally friendly and sustainability aspects, the battery can transfer consciously and unconsciously movements into electricity. Beside, it brings a tip of fun to people as an office gadget.

As people are using electronic devices more and more frequently, battery is one of the greatest issue among almost all the consumer electronics. Due to the strong demand of portable battery, here are a few questions following up. What if the portable battery is dead? What if there is no plugs around (outdoor camping) ? How could it be different and unique comparing with other existing products? How could the battery to be more environmentally friendly and could be manually recharged? Could it be more fun inside of the design? Therefore these are the problem I am trying to solve. Based on simplicity style, a tip of vintage element is blended inside of the appearance. The top material is scratched steel, which applies more feelings and emotions into the simplicity of the appearance development.

I used the Rhinoceros for building 3D CAD model and keyshot to create high resolution renderings. Illustrator and photoshop are used for retouches and layout. I started the brainstorming by sketching and making prototypes. Ergonomic aspects are considered for the dimension, form, and cmf design. The research of electronic components contributed to the dimension and structure of the inner parts.

Design never ends. Although I am getting positive feedbacks, whereas, more works and details definitely needs to be done. In the future, I will focus more on the general assembly of the design. More user testing and MVP testing could be done if the product could be pushed further. What I learnt from this project from this stage is about the control of the dimension, ratio. And how does these simple and important elements contribute to the final appearance.

Any questions or feedbacks about the product or me, please feel free to let me know.
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Zheming Zhou

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