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Equip ~ The Pre Trek App

Equip ~ The Pre Trek App

Vedang Agnihotri
August 14, 2017
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Equip is the mobile application to get you trek ready. This app makes sure that you are fully 'equipped' with every single detail you would need for a trek. Equip is pre trek prep application for the beginners, Adventure enthusiasts and the mountaineers.

Making something for mountaineers, or adventure enthusiasts was the basic thought for this project. Creating an interactive platform that helps them to prepare for the trek, no matter how easy or difficult the trek might be, I wanted to create something which proves to be an experience for a beginner as well. Therefore, a mobile application which makes sure you are trek ready.
While designing the UI of the App, We wanted it to be out of the box (Quite Literally!). Hence, instead of going with the basic 'Boxy' layout, we went ahead with the Diagonal grid is inspired from the form of the mountains (This decision was collectively taken as a team during the initial stage).The Color scheme is derived from a set colors in Nature.

A project which started as a one week warm up assignment, became a full fledged project within no time. It started off as a group assignment (UX Stage) that later turned into an individual UI project. Interviewing people who are into adventures/ mountaineering, or people who are beginners helped me design the application as per their needs. Designing an application without loopholes is difficult. Keeping it as simple as possible, this app is mainly divided in 4 menus. i.e. Current trek, Free roam, Yellow Pages and Blog. Current trek lets you manage your current trek and workouts. Free roam lets you explore the available treks. Yellow pages lets you connect with trek organisers and Blog lets you post your experience of the particular trek. This was executed in the Adobe softwares i.e. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

People were responding very positively on this project when published online. They were impressed with the idea of not keeping it basic. The colors they felt were fresh and UI is different.
I learnt a lot while working on this project. Breaking the barriers and trying something out of my forte, this project was something I never expected to turn out this good. I'm glad people showed love towards Equip and its a great achievement if the app turns out to be of great help for the beginners and adventure enthusiasts.

The project (UX) was conceptualised with: Arushi Mathur, Rohit Gole, Nishigandha .S and Satej Mulick
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Vedang Agnihotri

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