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Essence by Gabriel Brun

Essence by Gabriel Brun

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July 24, 2015

Gabriel Brun an Architecture and Urbanism Essence Building was created to cater to residential and commercial purposes. Essence was a part of Gabriel's project for his course. Torres is a city located in the north coast of Rio Grande do Sul. This city has a high growth rate and every day you see a new building being built. Most of this new buildings just want to draw more attention in creating a huge architectural diversification.

Our main goal was to create a residential building that should have a restaurant/bistro in Torres. The project needs to cater to the necessities program and the legislative requirements of Torres. The main necessity of the program was to use all construction potential and cause the least impact in the neighborhood.The interior design was really diverse so it was very hard. In the middle of the city, Essence Building can mix/connect the concrete of the city with nature. When we adopt the Muxarabi made of wood and a vegetable protection we bring nature inside the building and, therefore, reduce the energy consumption generating a better energetic performance.
-Gabriel Brun

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My inspiration to design this building was a simple and contemporary architecture. I wanted to create something light, with simplified forms and completely different of what was constructed around. My main concern was to cause the least visual and environmental impact. The geometric composition is formed by horizontal and vertical planes of fair-faced concrete which are evidenced in the facade.The materiality in fair-faced concrete, brick and glass are chosen to reveal the simplicity of materials and the design composition. In the current context, it creates a single and simple architecture in a midst of such architectural diversity. A wide window ensure a good lighting and air circulation; A 15 ° rotation provide a better insulation inside the building.
-Gabriel Brun




When you are creating/designing something, always have a great justification for that. If you do that with conviction, if it is what you liked and have a good reason for that, do it. Your life is made of right and wrong choices, so make sure at least in your opinion, what you are doing is right and needed be done.
-Gabriel Brun

About Gabriel Brun

Gabriel Brun is a 22-year-old Architecture and Urbanism Student at Universidade Luterana do Brasil. His passion for Architecture started when he studied about life and career of Mies vand der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Lina Bo Bardi, Villanova Artigas and, of course, all the arts involved to create Architecture. Gabriel believes that architecture is beautiful and affects everyone. A well-planned architecture brings a lot of benefit to everyone from the people who live in the houses/buildings, the pedestrian who walks along the sidewalks and the environment around or inside the cities. See more of his work at Behance.

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