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Cultural City

Cultural City

Ahmed Agur
September 12, 2018

Located in Shibin El-Kom Cultural City is in the north of Menoufia , Egypt on the Nile river side.
The entire project covers an area of ​85,000 square meters, with a construction area of ​​25,000 square meters.
Different from surrounding buildings that are normally located in the city, with a unique form.

Emphasizing the role of culture in the development of society, I proposed the establishment of a cultural city in the governorate of Menoufia because of its important role in social, political and cultural development.

I noticed that the city activities are limited to the popular ones (football,shopping ..) ,
so i came up with an idea aiming to reach everyone in society of different age and ideologies throw new entertainment activities.
The concept here is to persuade people to express themselves and there opinions throw the feeling of flowing walls formed of parts that have different views and orientations, means to accept and respect different views each other.

The site was chosen in a vital region with very effective surroundings like university of engineering, Medicine, Literature, accounting , football stadium and a branch of the Nile river.

Depending on the white color which is associated with purity, innocence, heaven, safety, understanding and spirituality delivering the idea.

The structure is consists of two collaborating systems a concrete structure combined with space frame system in order to achieve large-scale column-free spaces that allow the fluidity of the interior.

Space frame can be formed either in a flat or a curved surface and usually mass produced
units can be easily transported and rapidly assembled on site (lightweight structure).

The architectural complex hosts a Theater , Auditorium , MPU , Art Gallery , Library , Art workshops , Ballet rooms , book stores and Services.

With (Auto-cad) 2d draw surroundings on (Google earth) image
Using 2d sketches i started 3d modeling with (3Ds Max), using Nurbs curves
Sections done by (Revit)
Adding materials, people, vegetation and light with (Lumion 6)
Render done by (Lumion 6)
Post production final images with (Photoshop Cs6)

I have received surprising responds from people about how different is the form and it's simplicity
others stopped by watching and taking photographs.
I have learnt how to organize the workflow of a project from A to Z
also skills using CAD programs .

deliver your idea in the simplest unique way.

The project on Behance:

For more info contact me at [email protected]

Ahmed Agur

Architect , 3D Visualizer

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