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MAS 045 Wireless Headphones

MAS 045 Wireless Headphones

Manfredi Scaglione
April 6, 2018
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MAS 045 are thought to be used every day without stress or limits. The valves will help you to have the best control on your headphones, choosing easily the right track, the perfect volume or finding the correct shape that could adapt perfectly to your head. The led light and the stand complete the benefit guaranteeing an easy and intuitive experience.

We use our hands to control and adjust features everyday. Revolving is necessary to be more precise, to comand our objects exactly how we want. The gesture of revolving is already used in ordinary objects to calibrate the functions that need our hand precision in every usage. The focus of the camera, the lights in a room, the temperature of the oven or the volume of the stereo just can be adjusted exactly how you want with the revolving movement.

I thought to evolve this movement focusing on a specific product: Headphones.​​​​​​​ The headphones are studied to have more and more functions staying compact and practical but in order to stretch the size, change the song or simply turn on/off it is necessary to take them off and look at them. Moreover they are too beautiful or cared to damage them even only by scratching the surface by placing them down.I want to have a better control on my headphones and improve the ergonomics and practically during the entire user experience.

The headphones have two big valves, textured with a pyramidal pattern for a better grip in any condition. With a smooth revolving movement on the right, it is possible to change the volume of the song. On the contrary a resolute rotation on the left will change the track, almost like a safe.

In the center of the big valve, two buttons complete the remote controlling, where it is possible to play and pause. On the right side there is the button to turn on and off. The lights that will appear projected on the shell of the headset, will help understanding when the headphones are turned on or when it is necessary to charge them. The icons on the buttons are big and in relief in order to be recognizable just by touching, with out seeing them.

On the top of the speakers there are two little valves connected with two rails with a toothed side that allows to calibrate the length of the speakers, in order to adjust the headphones to every individual. The valves are also provided with a pyramidal texture on the metal surface to have a prefect and durable grip.

In the middle of the pillow around the head, there is a split where it is placed the zinc part for the connection. The zinc is alternated with a magnet. The stand, on the top, has the same joint but in negative. Just by leaning the headphone on the top of the stand the magnets will attract each other and allow to charge. The lights that will appear on the headphones will confirm the charging process.

Wireless Headphones
Thought to use every day without stress or limits.

Manfredi Scaglione

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