This project is a selection of portraits, which I created in Berlin. Each portrait is influenced by this magnificent and extraordinary city. Each individual, which I had the pleasure of photographing, is special: only in Berlin can you meet such diversity of characters who share something common only in their eyes.

This project has taught me to be fast and clear with what I want to capture so that I don’t miss the fragile natural expression of each person.
Each individual is unique. My goal was to reflect their character in my work.

Mostly I was using natural light and reflector. Postproduction was made in Lightroom and Photoshop, nothing really special. Important thing for me is location scouting and contact with the model. Some of the portraits are made on 35mm film. I prefer to shoot on film, however digital images are not discriminated.

I’ve got more attention, than I was expecting and now this project is the first page in my portfolio. This project teaches me how fragile emotions and certain facial expressions could be, how fragile is the moment. I like to catch something, which is between the lines, behind the smile.

Nailya Bikmurzina