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Filidoro - Argentinian Brewery

Filidoro - Argentinian Brewery

February 28, 2017

Filidoro is a branding project (in constant expansion) for a brand new brewery in Argentina. They were looking for an iconic brand with a rooster as a symbol of hierarchy, nature and of course as the first worker when the rays of light start to come out.

For 4 years, the brewery had been selling their beer to many clients under different brands, generating a variety of weak labels with little to no recognition. Last year it was decided to merge them all under one line, thus creating a stronger brand, and an equally strong graphic identity was needed.

We started out searching and defining the values of the new brand, FILIDORO, to better understands its needs and direction. FILIDORO preaches their love for the process, their obsession with the craft and the handcrafted attention to details powered by their entrepreneur spirit.

Both the excercise of brewing beer and crafting a conceptualised identity share a common ground in their process. The two are handmade and tailored to every need, making each design, or each glass of beer, a unique and irreplaceable thing.

We decided to follow up on their handcrafting process of brewing beer, by developing a brand thats also handmade. We started out exploring many ways in which to express the FILIDORO’s spirit, mostly by doing hand sketches of both the name and the rooster, so as to have that warm home made feeling right from the start. After the final concept was polished we moved into digitising it and making the final touch ups digitally.

After wrapping up this first stage, and receiving high praises all around, we followed up on developing each of the different beer styles they produce, i.e. Golden, Irish, IPA, Red IPA and Stout.
From the centralization of all production into a single brand with a strategic development, demand and recognition increased considerably.


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