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Four Seasons

Four Seasons

Mark Bamo
September 11, 2017
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In this project, my client asked for an 8-piece composition in watercolor media or similar to go on the given frames of 55x58cm for a white background. The composition had to be season themed, meaning 8 small pieces for each season of the year (winter, spring, summer, and autumn) also incorporating an element from the famous book "Le petit prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, translated to "The Little Prince".

Watercolor is a medium I am very comfortable in and would like to improve. I enjoy the concept behind it, as it is very fast and allows sketch, but not any mistakes to be made. It ticked all the boxes when it came to the overall aesthetic I wanted to achieve with the project.
Note that although all of it is my own work some individual pieces from Summer and Spring have been created taking inspiration from external sources.

For the winter I decided to use cold colors and kept the scheme limited. I included the fox as the element from the book.
For the spring my intention was to create a colorful palette and ensure a natural and fresh feel to it. The element added from the book was the rose.
The summer, regardless of the individual satisfactory pieces has managed to be, in my opinion, the most incoherent in terms of composition. On the other hand, most of the ideas were well executed. The element chosen was the planet B612.
Lastly, autumn has been the most nicely structured season, with a simple color palette and the overall success of the composition and the use of typography. The element of choice from the book was the baobab.

There is yet to be a big feedback, if any, but as a starter in the world of graphic design and illustration, this-my first client-has been an overall challenging but rewarding experience. The buyers were happy with the result and I was too.

I was given a month to finish the project.

Mark Bamo

Welcome! My name is Mark and this is my official graphic design-centered Portfolio. I am 17 years old and aspiring to be a graphic designer in a near future.

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