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Irene Blanco Rubio
October 22, 2018

This project was made for one class of the Advertising and Public Relations degree.
I simulate the texture of watercolors in a girl´s face.
This is the first piece of an group of designs, all of them based in faces of multiples girls and differents colors of watercolors over them.

I was in sociology class and the teacher asked us for a campaign against gender violence, and after a long time thinking and many different ideas... I thought that if I love painting with watercolors, why not do it but in digital?
So, I knew one thing for sure, the base was going to be with watercolors, now I needed to know what I wanted illustrate over them.
After seeing many differents artist, I chose to illustrate a face of a girl, knowing that this was going to be the first pice of a collection.

I took most of the inspiration from the website "Pinterest", seeing watercolor pictures made by hand (always thinking wich what way could I make it in digital), diferent artist, illustations, portraits, ...
I did all with the program Illustrator, making black lines and blocks of colours minimizing the opacity of them, to recreate the texture of watercolors.

Most of them like it, recognizing the intention from the beginning. It is also true that they see necessary for me to make more pieces to complete the meaning of the work, hopefully I will make them very soon.
And yeah, I learned something from this project, to recreate techniques that you usually do "by hand" but now in digital.

Irene Blanco Rubio

Hi! I´ m Irene Blanco.
I am studying 4º of Advertising and Public Relations at University Pontificia of Salamanca.
I consider myself a creative, constant, social, open minded person, with unlimited desire to learn from everything and everyone.
I hope you like the small projects I do.
Thanks :)

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