Free Flow Yoga by Karina Mirzoyan

Karina Mirzoyan has been developing design for a long time. Three years ago, she began learning the basics in a small studio in her city where she learned everything. After honing her skills and gaining confidence, she started working on her own project.

I am always looking for in the works of other designers, for example Tobias van Schneider, Jakub Antalík, Victor Erixon, UENO. Now, I am doing a project now, inspired by the works of Alexander Laguta and Alexey Yurkov.
-Karina Mirzoyan

Karina Mirzoyan

I’m also inspired by what’s around me. Can eating cake will inspire an illustration or a set of icons in the form of unusual sweets. Sometimes when working on websites for restaurant of Japanese food, enough to come to him and eat something, as soon as there is the idea=) For example, when I was approached by a customer with a project Free Flow Yoga – I started to go to yoga and socialize with people who do it, that would be better to learn what interests potential users. So the idea appeared of website functionality and colors. But if speaking about this project, we can say that not only I was inspired to work on the project, but the project inspired me.

For young designers want to wish a little more perseverance, not afraid to bring your ideas to life and look for inspiration from more experienced people. The same good advice Every day to set a goal – to learn or to learn something new! And of course to listen to criticism. Only by knowing the mistakes, you can avoid their repetition.
-Karina Mirzoyan

About Karina Mirzoyan

Karina Mirzoyan is a UI/UX Designer based in Poltava, Ukraine. Since childhood, she loved to draw, to dream, look at the passing cars and imagine what face they had if they became alive. So there was no doubt that her work will be creative. See more of her works on Behance.